Our Aims and Vision

Our Aims

We have a number of stated aims from being an organisation that provides a link between our local G.P Clinical Commissioning Groups and those disabled by deafness.   We also aim to broaden our age range and provide facilities and support to the youth and young in our community.

Our Vision

We have now put in a number of years of operation since our inception in November 2007.

At a previous AGM it was unanimously agreed that
(a) we would move to become a registered charity
(b) that we would proceed with establishing a Deaf Awareness campaign starting with Bracknell Town centre.

We have now concluded a Deaf Awareness assessment at thirteen GP surgeries helped by Bracknell LINK and also independently reviewed all the Community Centres throughout Bracknell Forest.  We remain vigilant however with regard to retail outlets and particularly banks, building societies and post offices.

Fund-raising, July 4th, 2009 at the Tea-house, Bracknell.