Photos from the Warfield Village Fete

Photos from the Warfield Village Fete

Thanks for all your support for today’s Warfield Village Fete! Well, the weather certainly triumphed for us. We’ll let you know how much we raised as soon as Geoff has counted up all the pennies!

But thanks again, it’s been a fantastic day. Here are a few snaps from today. We even managed to catch Cyril the Squirrel in action!

If you have any photos you’d like to put up, then send them over to us and I’ll put them up on here. Just click on each photo to enlarge it for viewing.

Well done!


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4 Comments on "Photos from the Warfield Village Fete"

  • Jo McMahon says

    Cyril the Squirrel is our feature photo.

    • Geoff says

      Nice to see “Frodo” the clown too – that was a good fund-raising idea Jo – thanks! But having the plants, the embroidery, cross-stitch cards and bric-a-brac sales all helped and finally Penny sold her curtains once Jeanette rearranged the tables so a big thank you all round for helping us raise £200+ for the day.

  • FYI In the second to last photo Geoff is counting out the money, not rolling a cigarette! 🙂

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